There is a bit of “Witch” in every woman I hear. Allow me to take a few moments to be very clear…


Strong, wise, courageous, ambitious, sensible…STUNNING,… healer by nature; kind, nurturing, forgiving, and loving. Dedicated, caring, VENGEFUL, and great. Feisty, bossy, needy, stupid irate. Mysterious, emotional, hormonal, and lyrical…sassy, manipulative, crazy…we can be down right HYSTERICAL.


Witches aren’t all bad as the movies portray. They forgive endlessly and love unconditionally without delay. Accused of wrong doing by many who don’t understand, a witches heart continues to embrace, cherish and withstand. These magical creatures are fountains of youth, life, and light…no reason to manifest so much spite.


Witches are magnificent creatures to behold. Don’t believe any of the rumors you have been told.


A witch can be your most trusted and fiercely loyal friend; one who can heal all wounds until the end. But beware, there is a dark side if you cross her one too many times. Her heart will bleed with revenge, the greatest of witch crimes.


When a witches heart turns to hate, she expresses BLACK in all the magic she creates. No longer to reveal her beautiful and precious desires, she will instead summon the greatest of fires. Lighting, earthquakes, rain, and thunder will leave you nothing short of regret for your thoughtless blunder.


But no need to fret should you have no regret. If you are kind to your witch, she won’t be such a bitch. Remember to kiss her, hug her, and snuggle her with delight; I promise you, she will not put up a fight. When a witch is loved in the way she deserves, she will love you in return without any reserve.


Be kind to your witch and cherish her to the end. She will relish in your love and her trust will not bend. Just remember all witches have a dark side; please, don’t do anything that will make you want to hide. She is your saving grace, a diamond in the rough. Be kind to her…LOVE her, and that will be enough.



Photography by Cindy L. Chatwin