Awakened to endless possibilities, being a puppet no longer makes sense.

DSC_5694A puppet doesn’t necessarily realize what it is. It will contently stand still, waiting for someone to tug its strings. Lifeless until another gives it purpose; that is what a puppet is. But, it’s ok; someone will move its strings…eventually. And meanwhile, the puppet is safe from the dangers of falling or breaking a limb. No harm will come… so long as the strings are firmly attached.


When I was little, I imagined my dolls coming to life while I slept. They would play and cause a ruckus until I awoke. I loved to wonder, “What if my dolls suddenly came to life?” I thought, “Would they realize that life was crummy being stuck in my room all day and runaway?” For this reason, I never wanted them to wake up.


As human beings, we want the best for each other. It’s hard to see our siblings, children and loved ones go through hurt and pain. Falling down is never fun; watching it happen is even worse. So, we hold back; firming our grip to keep those we love out of harms way. The problem? Those we prevent from moving forward will someday begin their journey in the opposite direction.


To be a free agent is a beautiful thing. Experiencing life to its fullest and making our own choices is what we all yearn to do. Some yearn in secret, fearing the judgement of others. And the rest…well, we decide to live.


After one awakens and chooses to walk their own journey, a realization occurs that yes, “I do have my own unique sense of being.” Old patterns followed so strictly are now a distant memory. The freedom of the present liberates and the endless possibilities of the future captivates. I am my own person.


Being our “own person,” however, does not come without consequence. The struggle in exercising free will comes down to one question: “What shall I do now?” But, don’t worry. The best answer I can give is simply this: Life is yours. Go explore…with no strings attached.



Photography by Cindy L. Chatwin