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Witch Gallery

  Listen and Enjoy the Witch Gallery:   Photography by Cindy L. Chatwin  

A Witch in Every Woman

  There is a bit of “Witch” in every woman I hear. Allow me to take a few moments to be very clear… Strong, wise, courageous, ambitious, sensible…STUNNING,… healer by nature; kind, nurturing, forgiving, and loving. Dedicated, caring, VENGEFUL, and… Continue Reading →

No Strings Attached

  Awakened to endless possibilities, being a puppet no longer makes sense. A puppet doesn’t necessarily realize what it is. It will contently stand still, waiting for someone to tug its strings. Lifeless until another gives it purpose; that is what a puppet… Continue Reading →

Finding Cathy: What is My Story?

  Life is a mystery novel. It starts out one way, and completely changes direction at the moment you least expect it. I was brought up thinking my life would evolve into marriage and a family of my own starting… Continue Reading →

Walking Dead

  It’s as if …I was walking dead. Hard to recollect what had hit me, I found myself walking, breathing, and among the living. I pushed through each day confused and in shock. My body was moving, but all my… Continue Reading →

Why Some Marriages Die

I remember the death of my marriage clearly. It was a little over a year ago and my husband then and I made it back from Oklahoma. We purchased plane tickets to visit my older sister and her family; it was… Continue Reading →

Imperfection is Beauty

I admit it. I am fairly quick to judge when it comes to my self-image. I am always on a quest to find physical perfection and in turn, I am disappointed with myself on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I am corrupted by the… Continue Reading →

Just Keep Sailing

I have my days where I complain, thinking how horrible this life has been. I have had a lot of blessings that I can’t ignore, though I don’t always make those my focus. What is at the forefront of my… Continue Reading →

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